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This online database has been used by Naturefriends media groups and editors of Naturefriends magazines. As of now, it is available to all Naturefriends-members that are ready and willing to contribute and to become involved.

Registered users can up- and down-load pictures, which can be used licence-free within the entire Naturefriends movement, on condition that copyright information is indicated!

Photos can be used for print magazines, online publications and all kind of media as long as they refer to Naturefriends organisation. The photos on this database are free of charge and will not be sold neither to registered users nor to external visitors of this website.

For information about the use of this Database please have a look at the FAQ site.

For more information as well as registration for the Naturefriends photo database please contact us: office@nf-int.org

For information about Naturefriends International have a look at www.nf-int.org.

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